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Any 2 Large Sides $9.78
Any 3 Large Sides $14.67

French Fries: Crispy shoestring potatoes fried to perfection, the side everyone has a taste for as a combination plate Small $3.69 Large $4.89

Onion Rings: Crispy corn meal breaded onion rings crisp on the outside warm on the inside, dip on friends  Small $3.69 Large $4.89

Sweet Potato Fries: Slightly sweet and salty at the same time, a explosion of tastes and a healthy alternative to regular french fries Small $3.69 Large $4.89

Mac-N-Cheese: Made fresh every morning with loads of melted cheese warm and creamy is the perfect side. Small $3.69 Large $4.89

Mash Potatoes with Gravy: These potatoes are mashed to creamy perfection combined with a homemade chicken gravy  Small $3.69 Large $4.89

Cole Slaw: Fresh cabbage combination of herbs and spice mixed with a creamy dressing to make the perfect slaw  Small $3.69 Large $4.89

Potato Salad: From first bite to last this is just what you imagined when you wanted this fresh creamy side  Small $3.69 Large $4.89

Hush Puppies: Delicious fried corn balls just the thing for dipping, sweet, crispy and tasty  Small $3.69 Large $4.89  

Corn Bread: The name says it all the grab and grub side you crave with your meal  Small $3.69 Large $4.89

Fried Okra: Sliced in to bite sized portions fried until golden brown crispiness then served to you warm and fresh  Small $3.69 Large $4.89

Steamed Rice: Steamed rice is a healthy alternative to the fried sides we offer, light, fluffy and refreshing Small $3.69 Large $4.89

Biscuits: The fluffiness of a good biscuit is a thing of joy and beauty, you get both with this side Small $3.69 Large $4.89

Corn: Sweet juicy cob corn the right side for freshness and satisfaction Small $3.69 Large $4.89

All prices and items are subject to change without prior notice